Digital tax reforms have fraud in their sights Conversations

A yearly boost of €11 billion is no small sum — but it is the payoff the European Commission is hoping will result from one of the most sweeping elements of its new VAT in the Digital Age set of reforms.

5-6 minutes

Case study: Mexico’s digitalisation of tax Conversations

Mexico’s experience in digitalising its tax processes offers salient lessons as European countries consider a similar approach.

A virtual tax haven? VAT and the metaverse Conversations

Billions of dollars are flowing through the metaverse, creating complex conundrums around how taxation should work in virtual reality. 

7-8 minutes

Preparing for BEPS 2.0: are you ready? Tax

CASE STUDY: MHA Macintyre Hudson explores how a multinational client might have been impacted if BEPS 2.0 was already in place.

3-4 minutes

BEFIT could be better for business but road to reform is long Tax

Harmonising corporate tax systems could make it easier for EU multinationals to scale and compete, but agreement on transfer pricing remains complex.

6-8 minutes

Investment Zones a welcome boost for UK’s countryside counties Tax

A strong response from regional areas suggests the UK’s new Investment Zones initiative has been well-received.

5-6 minutes

Global minimum tax reforms threatened by cross-border complexities Tax

Baker Tilly’s Ines Paucksch warns companies could face complex and varying start dates if countries manage to pass global minimum tax reforms into law.

4 minutes

Infrastructure bill has big changes for crypto Conversations

The $1 trillion bill contains provisions to tax crypto, yielding an estimated $2.8 billion per year. What does this mean for the future of cryptocurrencies?

4-6 minutes

Prepare now or face plastic tax meltdown Conversations

The UK’s new plastic packaging tax is set to catch out many businesses – ala Brexit – and the burden of proof is on importers and manufacturers.

4-6 minutes

Tax morality: The big shift in corporate tax attitudes Conversations

Will companies take the lead on tax morality or is legislation the only way?

4 minutes

Residency: a taxing issue Tax

The fallout of COVID-19 has meant many people have been unexpectedly caught on the wrong side of borders. 

4-5 minutes

I’ve been stranded in another country for 12 months Tax

How has COVID changed cross-border planning?

5-6 minutes

All change for e-commerce VAT rules in the EU Tax

In this Q&A, Marisa Hut, Senior manager VAT & Customs Advisory from The Netherlands, explains the most important changes to come into effect in just over two months’ time.

5 minutes

Five tax issues facing multinational companies in 2021 Tax

A look into five global tax issues facing multinational companies in 2021.

4-5 minutes

VAT and transfer pricing: smooth sailing, or a perfect storm? Tax

A look into the so-called ‘primary adjustments’ to intercompany pricing.

5-6 minutes

Life after Lockdown: Global Tax Solutions on implications for businesses Recovery

First and foremost a human tragedy, COVID-19 is also having a growing impact on the global economy.

3-4 minutes

Can incorrectly invoiced VAT be reclaimed if the assessment has already been finalised? Tax

Understand the recent rulings from the EU Court of Justice regarding VAT.

2-4 minutes

Tax the sin or reward the saint? Conversations

From meat tariffs to latte levies, can tax policy build a better society?

6-8 minutes

Digitalisation of tax: Dawn of the robo regulator Conversations

Faster assessment, greater accuracy – the arguments are strong. But there are risks and challenges too, as some have already discovered.

8-10 minutes

The biggest change to EU’s VAT in nearly 25 years Conversations

There are fears businesses are unprepared for tougher cross-border sale requirements.

6-10 minutes

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