Tax morality: The big shift in corporate tax attitudes Conversations

Minimising tax is emerging as a corporate reputation issue. Will companies take the lead on tax morality or is legislation the only way?

Residency: a taxing issue Tax

Residency status and the domicile of an individual can dramatically impact their tax position and COVID has proven expensive for some…

4-5 mins

I’ve been stranded in another country for 12 months – am I now a tax resident there? Tax

In our latest Q&A, we analyse how COVID has changed cross-border planning and the challenge of how and where to play it out.

5-6 mins

All change for e-commerce VAT rules in the EU Tax

In this Q&A, Marisa Hut, Senior manager VAT & Customs Advisory from The Netherlands, explains the most important changes to come into effect in just over two months’ time.

5 minutes

Five tax issues facing multinational companies in 2021 Tax

A look into five global tax issues facing multinational companies in 2021.

5-6 mins

VAT and transfer pricing: smooth sailing, or a perfect storm? Tax

Two isolated topics that once every so often come together to form the perfect storm.

5-6 mins

Life after Lockdown: Global Tax Solutions on implications for businesses Recovery

First and foremost a human tragedy, COVID-19 is also having a growing impact on the global economy.

3-4 minutes

Can incorrectly invoiced VAT be reclaimed if the assessment has already been finalised? Tax

Understand the recent rulings from the EU Court of Justice regarding VAT.

2-4 minutes

Tax the sin or reward the saint? Conversations

From meat tariffs to latte levies, can tax policy build a better society?

6-8 minutes

Digitalisation of tax: Dawn of the robo regulator Conversations

Faster assessment, greater accuracy – the arguments are strong. But there are risks and challenges too, as some have already discovered.

8-10 minutes

The biggest change to EU’s VAT in nearly 25 years Conversations

There are fears businesses are unprepared for tougher cross-border sale requirements.

6-10 minutes

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