Sustainability directives to shake up European M&A Conversations

New sustainability reporting directives are considered to be key to the European Commission’s carbon neutral ambitions, but experts say it remains uncertain how they will be implemented and how mergers and acquisitions will be impacted.

12-13 minutes


Private equity groups, tenants clash over Spanish real estate Conversations

Foreign investors are pouring pressure onto Spanish real estate, increasing tension between tenants and landlords even as the government moves to slow the rapidly increasing cost of housing.

7-8 minutes


Cookie cutters – life after data tracking  Conversations

An EU ruling that cracks down on a commonly used cookie consent framework has sent shockwaves through companies relying on online data collection.

8-9 minutes

When unique is out of reach — the trade marks race Legal

A boom in trade mark filings has left fewer common words uncontested. How should companies carve out their unique brand using trade marks?

6-8 minutes

Will Europe’s RAD set off a wave of class actions? Legal

A new Directive makes it easier to pursue collective proceedings – but also impact the legal profession and consumer-facing companies.

8-10 minutes

Risky business: Privacy and biometric data Legal

Biometric technology is evolving rapidly but what are the privacy and data protection implications that employers need to consider?

6-8 minutes

Leading law firm Freeths joins Baker Tilly International Network News

UK law firm Freeths has become the first stand-alone legal practice in Europe to join Baker Tilly International.

2-3 minutes

Baker Tilly strengthens legal expertise in Africa Legal

Baker Tilly Zimbabwe continues to build its local network with the addition of law firm

1 minute

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