Case study: Using humans and AI to deliver smarter service Conversations

Cost and complexity shouldn’t be a barrier to the use of AI, with Baker Tilly Digital experts developing multi-stage solutions.

3-4 minutes

AI legal challenges become more complex Conversations

Gaps are emerging in the willingness of countries to accept the generative AI juggernauts such as ChatGPT, with concerns that privacy, security, intellectual property and personal rights are being put at risk by the open-source software.

7 minutes

AI wars: giants battle as generative AI use soars Conversations

Generative AI tools like ChatGPT are forcing companies to consider their impact on their business models — both as a time saver and as a potential disruptor.

8-9 minutes

Retailers evolving their offering amid challenging online sales environment Conversations

E-commerce operators are finding that a niche can be nice, with shrinking consumer buying power prompting online retailers to sharpen their offerings to secure market share.

6-7 minutes

Time to transform: how Baker Tilly is growing its global Digital practice Conversations

Client demand and the pace of change has seen the US firm triple the size of its Baker Tilly Digital team in two years.

5-6 minutes

A virtual tax haven? VAT and the metaverse Conversations

Billions of dollars are flowing through the metaverse, creating complex conundrums around how taxation should work in virtual reality. 

7-8 minutes

Fighting an unrelenting war – how business can be safe from cyberattack Digital

Defending against an online onslaught is becoming an increasingly onerous and expensive undertaking for business. Experts at Baker Tilly detail how organisations can best defend themselves against the unrelenting threat of cyberattack.

9 - 10 minutes

Cookie cutters – life after data tracking  Conversations

An EU ruling that cracks down on a commonly used cookie consent framework has sent shockwaves through companies relying on online data collection.

8-9 minutes

Blockchain and Bitcoin’s big energy issue Conversations

As cryptocurrencies and NFT trading shift towards the mainstream, a push is emerging to regulate the energy use of the underlying blockchain infrastructure.

8-10 minutes

Baker Tilly US acquires AcctTwo Digital

Baker Tilly US continues its investment in the digital space, acquiring AcctTwo, the leading Sage Intacct Partner.

1-2 minutes

Digital for small and medium-sized businesses Digital

As the digital revolution evolves, SMBs must stay agile. Baker Tilly explores data-driven solutions in our digital transformation series.

4-6 minutes

Remote productivity? It’s all about perception Conversations

Are staff more productive when working remotely?

3-4 minutes

Is your technology stack fit for purpose? Conversations

Is your business technology and workflow practices fit for the digital transformation? Baker Tilly explores in the third article of our series.

4-6 minutes

Cybersecurity and the remote working era Conversations

The second article in our series exploring the digital transformation, Baker Tilly probes cybersecurity challenges for the remote workforce.

6-8 minutes

New horizons in digital transformation Digital

In the first of a series exploring the digital transformation, Baker Tilly looks at the speed of change and emerging trends.

6-8 minutes

Rethinking how and where staff work Digital

COVID-19 is making many companies change the way they work, but for companies with employees working cross-border, these changes may have implications in relation to tax and social security obligations.

4-6 minutes

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