Human Capital and Resourcing

Navigating cultural differences in cross-border engagements Conversations

Effective business in a globalised world often requires an understanding of the values that are hallmarks of cultural differences.

6-7 minutes

The future of work is more than flexible Conversations

Flexible work arrangements are creating new challenges for businesses looking to balance growth needs while attracting, retaining and developing the best talent.

8-9 minutes

Man overboard: what will gender quotas mean for EU company directors? Human Capital and Resourcing

Experts at Baker Tilly have hailed the EU’s new gender diversity mandates as a major milestone for equality but warn there is still a long way to go for genuine balance at the executive level.

7-8 minutes

Skills shortage strains UK life science sector Human Capital and Resourcing

Ambitions are soaring for the UK’s pharma. life science and biotech industry on the back of record investment but can it be sustained?

7-8 minutes

UK diversity rules a big step forward, but still a challenge Human Capital and Resourcing

Experts from Baker Tilly have welcomed new diversity quotas for UK companies, but warn there are still major challenges for firms to meet them.

6-7 minutes

Comparing the costs of doing business in Eastern Europe Human Capital and Resourcing

Bringing production closer to home is emerging as a solution for many major companies headquartered in Western Europe, but what are the costs of doing business?

9-10 minutes

Unpaid hours a lasting side-effect of pandemic Human Capital and Resourcing

As employees continue to embrace working from outside of the office, it is becoming increasingly challenging to ensure workers are paid appropriately.

9-11 minutes

When Covid conflict infects the workplace Human Capital and Resourcing

If anger over vaccine mandates, lockdowns and other restrictions boils over into the office, what strategies should be in place to handle the situation?

4-6 minutes

Are those workers really contractors? Conversations

Employee or contractor? The status of workers is literally a taxing question. What do potential investors need to consider in their due diligence?

4-6 minutes

The gig economy: Time to rethink labour laws? Human Capital and Resourcing

Spain has taken the global lead in legislating that delivery riders are employees of the platforms they work with, not independent contractors.

3-4 minutes

Working well and the mental health impact of COVID-19 Conversations

For companies returning to ‘normal’ operations, helping bereaved and traumatised employees readjust becomes the next great challenge presented by the pandemic.

6-8 minutes

COVID-19 vaccine: Can employees be forced to take them? Conversations

Businesses hope a COVID-19 vaccine will fast-track a return to normal but legal questions remain over insisting employees are immunized.

4-6 minutes

England joins rest of UK in national lockdown — but uncertainty continues Human Capital and Resourcing

What does the second lockdown mean for business?

6-8 minutes

The never normal: Continuous change and reimagining work Conversations

The more things change, the less the word change has meaning. Mindsets must be geared to evolution, writes Donal Laverty.

5-7 minutes

Crisis shows value of putting the human back into HR Human Capital and Resourcing

In the GFC, boards turned to the CFO to help navigate turbulent times. During Covid-19, though, it’s the HR team in the spotlight.

6-8 minutes

Rethinking how and where staff work Digital

COVID-19 is making many companies change the way they work, but for companies with employees working cross-border, these changes may have implications in relation to tax and social security obligations.

4-6 minutes

Baker Tilly strengthens HR consultancy expertise in Africa Human Capital and Resourcing

Baker Tilly Zimbabwe continues to build its local network with addition of HR consulting firm, LoriMak Africa.

1-2 minutes

Leading from afar: Lessons of COVID-19 and the future of work Conversations

The lessons learned from working remotely — and the positive spin-offs of lockdowns — should not be lost.

4-6 minutes

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