Digital tax reforms have fraud in their sights Conversations

A yearly boost of €11 billion is no small sum — but it is the payoff the European Commission is hoping will result from one of the most sweeping elements of its new VAT in the Digital Age set of reforms.

5-6 minutes

Case study: Mexico’s digitalisation of tax Conversations

Mexico’s experience in digitalising its tax processes offers salient lessons as European countries consider a similar approach.

Navigating cultural differences in cross-border engagements Conversations

Effective business in a globalised world often requires an understanding of the values that are hallmarks of cultural differences.

6-7 minutes

Taxing time for short-term tourism operators as ViDA reforms bite Conversations

EU authorities plan to claw back billions in ‘missing’ VAT from online booking platforms, as part of wide-ranging digital tax reforms.

8-9 minutes

The future of work is more than flexible Conversations

Flexible work arrangements are creating new challenges for businesses looking to balance growth needs while attracting, retaining and developing the best talent.

8-9 minutes

Financiers still favour Caribbean tourism despite inflation risk Advisory

No matter what happens with the international economy, it seems the sunshine and sea breezes of Caribbean tourism will always be attractive for investment.

5-6 minutes

Mid-market pickup to drive M&A rebound Conversations

Global M&A activity is poised to bounce back after 12 months of dealmaking doldrums, with experts from Baker Tilly expecting the mid-market to drive the recovery.

9-10 minutes

Case study: Using humans and AI to deliver smarter service Conversations

Cost and complexity shouldn’t be a barrier to the use of AI, with Baker Tilly Digital experts developing multi-stage solutions.

3-4 minutes

AI legal challenges become more complex Conversations

Gaps are emerging in the willingness of countries to accept the generative AI juggernauts such as ChatGPT, with concerns that privacy, security, intellectual property and personal rights are being put at risk by the open-source software.

7 minutes

Labour shortages to exacerbate UK’s economic contraction Conversations

The United Kingdom is set to experience a demographic time bomb as severe labour shortages

3-4 minutes

Harsh Maheshwari named new Global Head of Corporate Finance Network News

The appointment supports the network’s strategy to create a truly global corporate finance capability.

2 minutes

Do UK tax advisors need regulation? It’s a matter of protracted debate Advisory

Francesca Lagerberg joins the debate on whether UK tax advisors need formal regulation or just a better adopted set of professional standards?

8-9 minutes

UK’s uncertain economy putting spotlight on alternative finance Corporate Finance

Rising costs of finance and ongoing economic uncertainty in the United Kingdom are underscoring the advantages of alternative lenders.

Investment Zones a welcome boost for UK’s countryside counties Tax

A strong response from regional areas suggests the UK’s new Investment Zones initiative has been well-received.

5-6 minutes

Compulsory licensing: should vaccines be public property?  Advisory

European leaders are facing industry backlash over potential compulsory licensing of vaccines to hedge against the risk of future pandemics.

4-6 minutes

Shelf awareness: Grocery shortages explained Recovery

Food inflation and grocery shortages are widespread but the problem is deeper than just ingredient shortages and supply bottlenecks.

6-8 minutes

Are the world’s airports and airlines broken? Recovery

It was the moment they waited more than two years for, but the business of travel buckled when tourism finally returned.

6-8 minutes

Man overboard: what will gender quotas mean for EU company directors? Human Capital and Resourcing

Experts at Baker Tilly have hailed the EU’s new gender diversity mandates as a major milestone for equality but warn there is still a long way to go for genuine balance at the executive level.

7-8 minutes

Skills shortage strains UK life science sector Human Capital and Resourcing

Ambitions are soaring for the UK’s pharma. life science and biotech industry on the back of record investment but can it be sustained?

7-8 minutes

UK diversity rules a big step forward, but still a challenge Human Capital and Resourcing

Experts from Baker Tilly have welcomed new diversity quotas for UK companies, but warn there are still major challenges for firms to meet them.

6-7 minutes

Sustainability directives to shake up European M&A Conversations

New sustainability reporting directives are considered to be key to the European Commission’s carbon neutral ambitions, but experts say it remains uncertain how they will be implemented and how mergers and acquisitions will be impacted.

12-13 minutes

Comparing the costs of doing business in Eastern Europe Human Capital and Resourcing

Bringing production closer to home is emerging as a solution for many major companies headquartered in Western Europe, but what are the costs of doing business?

9-10 minutes

Private equity groups, tenants clash over Spanish real estate Conversations

Foreign investors are pouring pressure onto Spanish real estate, increasing tension between tenants and landlords even as the government moves to slow the rapidly increasing cost of housing.

7-8 minutes

Bored monkey or business model? Finding the commercial value in NFTs Conversations

NFTs are shifting from a buzzword to business model, but there are key considerations that have to be addressed by brands.

7-8 minutes

Blockchain and Bitcoin’s big energy issue Conversations

As cryptocurrencies and NFT trading shift towards the mainstream, a push is emerging to regulate the energy use of the underlying blockchain infrastructure.

8-10 minutes

Unpaid hours a lasting side-effect of pandemic Human Capital and Resourcing

As employees continue to embrace working from outside of the office, it is becoming increasingly challenging to ensure workers are paid appropriately.

9-11 minutes

Energy prices create new barrier for electric vehicles Conversations

As the energy crisis worsens, what are the challenges for the electric vehicles market – and for the automotive sector more generally?

8-10 minutes

When Covid conflict infects the workplace Human Capital and Resourcing

If anger over vaccine mandates, lockdowns and other restrictions boils over into the office, what strategies should be in place to handle the situation?

4-6 minutes

Uncertainty bites: M&A market update M & A

The escalating war in Ukraine and the fallout across European nations and economies threatens to take the steam out of the M&A market, according to Baker Tilly experts.

4-5 minutes

Global dealmakers 2022: M&A market update M & A

Baker Tilly’s annual M&A market update revealed a remarkable 77 percent increase in the annual global cross-border deal value in 2021.

2 minutes

Business charts a course through Omicron Recovery

Businesses continue to innovate to mitigate disruptions caused by Omicron, as the crisis shifts from pandemic to endemic.

8-10 minutes

Mexico offers a vision of future travel Recovery

A decision to allow tourism during the pandemic was fraught with risk — but this sector is now paying economic dividends for Mexico.

6-8 minutes

The opportunity for additive manufacturing Recovery

Rapid advancements in manufacturing technology could save a global shipping industry teetering near the brink of collapse.

6-8 minutes

When will supply chain and shipping pressure ease? Conversations

Baker Tilly’s experts look at what 2022 holds, and how importers and exporters can mitigate risk.

8-10 minutes

Esports investors level up in emerging sector Advisory

Venture capital and online gaming don’t seem to be an obvious match. But for one investor, an initial curiosity became a significant opportunity.

1-2 minutes

Finding value in college esports Advisory

As the esports market explodes, Baker Tilly US is helping colleges in North America score points in student engagement, recruitment, and retention.

6-8 minutes

Net Zero opportunity needs a system reset Conversations

Global attention has been focused on climate change action, but it will take more than goodwill for industries to reduce their emissions footprint.

3-4 minutes

COP26 is creating an impetus for business to act — here’s why Corporate Finance

COP26 marks a watershed moment for the race to save the world from the worst of global warming — and industry will be expected to step up. 

7-8 minutes

ESG risks focus the minds of dealmakers M & A

The role of ESG in M&A  continues to grow — not only affecting what companies are targets but raising the risk profile of some locations.

4-5 minutes

Pandemic fails to dent appetite for cross-border M&A Conversations

Baker Tilly’s latest cross-border M&A report shows dealmakers undeterred by the pandemic and ambitious for cross-border M&A deals.

5-6 minutes

When it comes to SPACs, one size doesn’t fit all Conversations

Changes in UK rules for SPACs should make London more competitive — but they are not for everyone, writes MHA UK’s Robin Stevens.

4-6 minutes

Mounting a defence in the ransomware war Conversations

Ransomware attacks are escalating – it’s a criminal industry already worth billions and it’s only going to get worse. Baker Tilly examines how best to prepare.

8-10 minutes

Why high-net-worth investors are eyeing Caribbean assets Conversations

A Caribbean recovery is being driven by non-banks, including the offices of high-net-worth individuals, and private equity. Baker Tilly explores the drivers.

4-6 minutes

Dealmakers focus on recipe for fast-growing companies Corporate Finance

For investors and dealmakers looking to spur companies on to growth in the rocky recovery from COVID-19, there’s one ingredient that matters more than all others: digital transformation.

7-8 minutes

SPACs exploring beyond US in search of deals Conversations

These blank-cheque juggernauts are looking to less saturated markets to complete deals but will the hype sustain them?

4-6 minutes

Are those workers really contractors? Conversations

Employee or contractor? The status of workers is literally a taxing question. What do potential investors need to consider in their due diligence?

4-6 minutes

Container chaos: The year that broke freight Conversations

Shipping delays and container shortages are putting supply chains under enormous pressure. How are different markets adapting with freight challenges?

6-8 minutes

Will the UK’s planned freeports deliver a post-Brexit boost? Conversations

The UK is looking to re-establish at least eight freeports – will they deliver the economic hit the UK is hoping for?

6-8 minutes

Why interest in GovCoin is compounding Conversations

As moves towards digital currency gather speed, businesses need to prepare for a world that transacts in digital dollars.

10-12 minutes

ESG more critical than ever in M&A M & A

The tide is turning for investments considered purely on financial terms, as new research confirms the rising importance of ESG to dealmakers.

6-8 minutes

Why corporate travel must have a future Conversations

Business has not been same since airlines were grounded by the pandemic. It’s crucial that corporate travel gets moving again.

6-8 minutes

Investors return to wind power in Poland Corporate Finance

Coal is rapidly becoming uncompetitive as an electricity fuel source in Poland. That has blown the door wide open for renewable energy.

4-6 minutes

The gig economy: Time to rethink labour laws? Human Capital and Resourcing

Spain has taken the global lead in legislating that delivery riders are employees of the platforms they work with, not independent contractors.

3-4 minutes

Investors find teeth on supply chain emissions Conversations

While many businesses are conscious of their operational impact on the environment, the impact of supply chain emissions is becoming clearer.

6-8 minutes

Working well and the mental health impact of COVID-19 Conversations

For companies returning to ‘normal’ operations, helping bereaved and traumatised employees readjust becomes the next great challenge presented by the pandemic.

6-8 minutes

Piecing together the digital tax puzzle Conversations

With the US back at the negotiating table, the OECD is pushing on with ambitious plans for a framework to tax the digital giants.

8-10 minutes

Lockdowns create marriage of convenience Conversations

With more people confined to their community, local convenience stores have boomed. Are the good times sustainable for business owners?

6-8 minutes

Dealmakers power up M&A as recovery gathers speed Conversations

After an abysmal first half for M&A in 2020, dealmakers roared back into action. But will the momentum be sustained? We look at what a strong M&A finish means for 2021.

4-6 minutes

Logistics and the e-commerce boom Conversations

As ecommerce rapidly expanded, so too did pressure on warehouses and distribution channels. How are retailers handling the growing pains?

4-6 minutes

What hope for the high street? The rise of e-commerce Conversations

Shopping has changed during the pandemic as e-commerce exploded in places it had rarely been seen. Baker Tilly’s experts examine the new retail landscape.

8-10 minutes

COVID-19 vaccine: Can employees be forced to take them? Conversations

Businesses hope a COVID-19 vaccine will fast-track a return to normal but legal questions remain over insisting employees are immunized.

4-6 minutes

Can domestic tourism save holiday towns? Conversations

Local travel is seen as a poor cousin to overseas arrivals – will staycations be enough to keep tourist-focused economies turning?

6-8 minutes

Atlantic domestic tourism stares down COVID Conversations

The Atlantic Bubble showed that tourism and business confidence could thrive if people felt safe from COVID-19.

4-6 minutes

Business recovery: Now is the time to seek counsel Advisory

As businesses battle the impact of COVID-19, it’s important to adopt appropriate measures now, for

4 minutes

Business recovery: Harnessing the power of clarity Advisory

Clarity of Purpose acts as a powerful catalyst for positive change. How can business owners

4 minutes

Hospitality business owners feel lockdown heat Conversations

Pressure is nothing new in hospitality but the stop and go of lockdown is testing the mettle of business owners like never before.

3-4 minutes

Business recovery: Connect with your customers Advisory

Neil Hughes looks to a framework he developed ten years earlier following Ireland’s 2008/9 financial crash to help position businesses on the road to recover.

4-5 minutes

A legacy of wealth for the next generation Conversations

The biggest wealth transfer in history is underway. But future high net worth individuals need more than a portfolio rundown.

8-10 minutes

Using data to build a stronger tourism industry Recovery

The Bahamas’ $3 billion tourism industry was crippled when visitors vanished. How can data make the sector more robust?

4-6 minutes

Tourism recovery: Island paradise banks on data Conversations

What really draws in visitors? A Caribbean island uncovered some surprising insights when it dived into its tourism data.

4-6 minutes

England joins rest of UK in national lockdown — but uncertainty continues Human Capital and Resourcing

What does the second lockdown mean for business?

6-8 minutes

Asia Pacific set to lead global M&A recovery M & A

Many dealmakers are optimistic about Asia-Pacific’s prospects for the remainder of 2020 and early 2021.

4-6 minutes

National security threat to Asia Pacific M&A, say dealmakers Conversations

Dealmakers fear security issues pose a cross-border M&A risk in Asia Pacific, as governments voice concerns about overseas influences.

6-8 minutes

The never normal: Continuous change and reimagining work Conversations

The more things change, the less the word change has meaning. Mindsets must be geared to evolution, writes Donal Laverty.

5-7 minutes

Crisis shows value of putting the human back into HR Human Capital and Resourcing

In the GFC, boards turned to the CFO to help navigate turbulent times. During Covid-19, though, it’s the HR team in the spotlight.

6-8 minutes

Austria’s green incentives grab attention of business owners Advisory

Changes to Austria’s benefit-in-kind tax rules and green technology incentives have grabbed the attention of some employers, writes Günther Stenico.

3-4 minutes

Governments charge up EV manufacturing Conversations

Electric vehicle incentives are increasing, as stimulus packages are ushered in to revive economies that have slowed during COVID-19 lockdowns.

3-4 minutes

Electric cars: Who owns the customer? Conversations

Car manufacturers once owned the customer but for electric vehicles, it may no longer be the case. The next move could be decisive.

6-8 minutes

Life after Lockdown: Global Tax Solutions on implications for businesses Recovery

First and foremost a human tragedy, COVID-19 is also having a growing impact on the global economy.

3-4 minutes

Life after lockdown: the view from North America Recovery

As COVID-19 continues to rip through some of America’s biggest cities, its effect is being felt far beyond the more than 150,000 Americans confirmed infected.

3-4 minutes

Business recovery: Transparency is key Advisory

The steps businesses take now will play a pivotal role in determining how they emerge from the shadow of COVID-19.

4-5 minutes

Business recovery: Combating crisis with co-operation Advisory

Baker Tilly Ireland’s Neil Hughes looks at why securing the support of your employees is even more crucial in times of crisis.

4-6 minutes

Rethinking how and where staff work Digital

COVID-19 is making many companies change the way they work, but for companies with employees working cross-border, these changes may have implications in relation to tax and social security obligations.

4-6 minutes

Business recovery: Cash flow management Advisory

While there are many reasons why a company will struggle to overcome a crisis, failure is often rooted in a lack of cash.

3-4 minutes

Business recovery: Cost control and reduction Advisory

In the midst of a crisis, operating cost control strategies are imperative.

2-4 minutes

COVID-19 leaves M&A activity exposed to the elements M & A

The coronavirus crisis was a storm front that grew quickly and struck fiercely, leaving global

2-4 minutes

Baker Tilly US and Squar Milner combine M & A

The combined firm fortifies its capabilities, expands its national footprint and secures Top 10 ranking.

1-2 minutes

Will foreign investors strike gold? Conversations

There has been a surge of interest in golden visas, which is being welcomed despite concerns about misuse.

4-6 minutes

Cherry Bekaert acquires CoNexus CPA Group M & A

Baker Tilly network member Cherry Bekaert strengthens its presence in the Atlanta market with the

1-2 minutes

North American M&A could see private equity take the lead M & A

Dealmakers expect many will scale back M&A although private capital is tapped to remain active as investors look to deploy cash reserves.

4-5 minutes

Thawing the dealmaking freeze Conversations

M&A in North America has been moving at a glacial speed. What will drive a turnaround in 2020?

4-6 minutes

Unlocking the economic power of the unbanked Conversations

Some 1.7 billion adults are without a bank account. With COVID-19 accelerating moves to a cashless society, financial inclusion is key.

6-8 minutes

Tech, travel key to M&A recovery Advisory

As the waves of dealmaking start to increase, there are opportunities but also new risks and challenges.

6-8 minutes

Baker Tilly strengthens HR consultancy expertise in Africa Human Capital and Resourcing

Baker Tilly Zimbabwe continues to build its local network with addition of HR consulting firm, LoriMak Africa.

1-2 minutes

Leading from afar: Lessons of COVID-19 and the future of work Conversations

The lessons learned from working remotely — and the positive spin-offs of lockdowns — should not be lost.

4-6 minutes

COVID-19 and real estate: what now for the office? Conversations

With many homes now a workplace, how will commercial property perform when lockdowns lift?

4-6 minutes

Private equity hunts for good news as M&A optimism vanishes Conversations

European dealmakers expected 2020 to be rough for M&A but COVID-19 has all but crushed any remaining confidence.

4-6 minutes

Will COVID-19 fire up cannabis legislation or kick it into the weeds? Advisory

With some cannabis companies near breaking point, the demand for tax revenue could be a lifeline in the post-COVID world.

4-6 minutes

When the lockdown lifts: now what for business? Advisory

As the coronavirus crisis persists, some countries are beginning to plan a staged reopening. What changes should business expect?

6-8 minutes

How the world is navigating the COVID-19 storm Advisory

Industries are hurting as the world grapples with the evolving COVID-19 crisis. What actions are governments and banks taking?

6-8 minutes

Consulting to cannabis: risk, reward in emerging market Conversations

Cannabis has rapidly grown into a $15 billion industry but there are plenty of pitfalls in this emerging market.

8-12 minutes

Electric vehicles hit high gear Advisory

Demand is growing for electric vehicles as drivers take the high road. How critical are incentives for keeping this emerging sector moving?

7-9 minutes

Combating coronavirus – how business needs to react Recovery

Rarely has a new disease made such a dramatic arrival. Baker Tilly’s experts examine what businesses must do to keep calm and carry on.

8-10 minutes

Five generations – one war for talent Advisory

Five generations working alongside each other. What does that mean for managing talent?

6-10 minutes

Inside the rise and rise of advisory Advisory

Businesses are seeking expert advice to navigate uncertain times. It’s a trend that has forced a change in the way accounting firms work.

4-8 minutes

What do dealmakers expect in the next year? Conversations

Amid the chaos of geopolitical events and economic uncertainty, how do dealmakers feel about their ability to get deals done?

4-8 minutes

Dealmakers are braving uncertainty and geopolitical storms M & A

Respondents overwhelmingly agree that M&A will pick up in the year ahead and 71% say they will expand their cross-border investments.

4-6 minutes

US-China tensions add extra layers to manufacturing deals M & A

As the US and China trade conflict rolls on, uncertainty around tariffs and how they impact bottom lines is adding an extra level of complexity to transactions in the manufacturing sector.

2-4 minutes

Soft skills still in demand as matchmaking goes digital M & A

Much like in romance, M&A matchmakers face an unenviable proposition: get it right and it’s a thing of beauty, get it wrong and the inevitable result is a messy situation without any winners.

4-6 minutes

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